User support

  • Detailed user manual and documentation (about 650 pages)
    currently only available for version 5.0; the update is still under development
  • Tutorial for processing a regional network
    as it is used for the exercises in the Bernese Introductory Course
  • Clear structure and description of the options in the input panels
    (e.g., by only presenting relevant input fields)
  • Extended HTML-based online help system
  • A set of README-files on various topics
  • A one week training course is organized twice a year at AIUB.
  • BSW mailing list archive
  • Direct technical support by developers via e-mail


  • Support
    • Bug fixes, improvements, release updates
    • Information on compiler/OS support
    • Access to BSWMail archive
  • Download
    • Complete user manual documentation (still for version 5.0).
    • Tutorial from the Bernese Introductory course.
    • Example dataset used in the Bernese Introductory course together with a reference solution generated by the example BPEs.
    • Links to external tool that are needed to establish a convenient environment for processing GNSS data.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    We are continuously extending this section.