General dataflow

Flow diagram


  • Transfer Part
    Programs for generating files in the Bernese format from RINEX and vice versa. Furthermore, this part also contains a set of tools to cut/concatenate and to manipulate RINEX files.

  • Conversion Part
    Programs to extract external information necessary for the processing (e.g., coordinates and velocities from ITRF in SINEX format, ANTEX).

  • Orbit Part
    Programs for generation of a source-independent orbit representation (standard orbits), to update orbits, generate orbits in precise orbit format, compare orbits, etc. The Earth orientation related tools are included in this part too.

  • Processing Part
    Programs for code processing (single station), single/dual frequency code and phase pre-processing, parameter estimation based on GPS and/or GLONASS observations (program GPSEST) and on the superposition of normal equations (program ADDNEQ2).

  • Simulation Part
    Program to generate simulated GPS and GLONASS observations (code and/or phase, L1 or L1/L2) based on statistical information (RMS for observations, biases, cycle slips).

  • Service Part
    A collection of useful tools to edit/browse/manipulate binary data files, compare coordinate sets, display residuals, etc. A set of programs to convert binary files to ASCII and vice versa belong to the service part, too.