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You can find relevant information about the Bernese course on this page.

  • Course cost: the Bernese license in many cases includes the course cost for one or two participants. The course fee is CHF 1200 per person. Check with us, if in doubt regarding the fee. Travel and accommodation are not included.
  • The course is also open to non-Bernese users. Precedence is given to Bernese users. In case you want to participate in view of an eventual purchase of the license, let us know.
  • For any questions regarding the course please contact us.

Useful Information

In the Documents section under the Quick Links to the left, you find necessary information about the course:

  • General Info: describing the course, its goals, intended audience, prerquisites and costs.
  • Travel and Accommodation: information about travelling to Switzerland, finding the course locale and other information regarding accommodation and useful information for your stay here.
  • Visa req. : useful information regarding visa requirements to enter Switzerland.
If you have any questions regarding the registration, contact us per email (

If you have registered for the course (even preliminary) but you cannot participate for any reason, please do not forget to inform us about this. Failing to do so will lead to the preparation of excess course materials. We may in this case bill you for this material or cancel the course voucher.

Suggested Reading

This course presupposes a certain level of knowledge in the area of Satellite Geodesy and Least Squares Adjustment. To avoid being overwhelmed by the amount of material covered, we recommend the following (minimal) reading list from the software manual:

Preparation for Terminal exercises
Participants will work with the linux version of the software.
If you are not at all familiar with the Linux Operating System and its commandline interface, we suggest to familiarize yourself with the few basic commands you may have to use during the course, such as directory listing and navigating, file content displaying, copying files, deleting files, and similar. Numerous resources are available on the web, from simple "cheat sheets" to tutorial videos, even freely accessible virtual Linux machines that can be run in your browser to play around are available (e.g. JSLinux).

You will also profit a lot more from the terminal sessions, if you do not have to struggle too much with the basic structure of the Bernese software (where are input/output files located, how is the dataflow, and similar).
For newcomers to Bernese

Past Courses

Group photos and other pictures from past courses:


If you have any questions regarding the course, any comments or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail.

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