JPG Image of BSW Course
Image of the participants in the August 2007 Bernese Introductory Course

The 5-day Bernese Introductory Course was held from August 13 to August 17, 2007.

Participants came from the following countries and institutions:

Austria Vienna Technical University
Canada York University, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Czech Republic Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography,p.r.i. (VUGTK)
Denmark Danish National Space Center
Denmark KMS
Estonia Department of Geodesy, Estonian Land Board
Germany GFZ Potsdam / TU Berlin
Germany DMT GmbH, Geschäftsfeld Exploration und Geosurvey
India Geodetic & Research Branch, Survey of India
Malaysia Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Institute of Space Science
Netherlands Delft University of Technology
Norway Geo Services, Fugro Survey AS
Romania National Institute for Earth Physics
Romania University of Bucharest
Switzerland Leica Geosystems AG
Turkey Istanbul Technical Univ. Surveying Tech. Division
USA MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Pictures from the lecture room
Pictures from the terminal room
Pictures from the dinner in Le Mazot

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