BSW Mail index file

0001  30-Oct-1995  Werner Gurtner New: Bernese Mail Server
0002  21-Dec-1995  Giuseppe Puglisi greetings
0003  26-Jan-1996  Greaves Mark IMPORTANT: Virus on Internet
0004  29-Jan-1996  J. Johnson VIRUS a Hoax - Please Ignore Earlier Warning
0005  28-Mar-1996  T.A. Springer AIUB anonymous ftp changes
0006  01-Jul-1996  Markus Rothacher Antenna Phase Center Corrections
0007  02-Oct-1996  M. Rothacher New Bernese Documentation
0008  07-May-1997  John Beavan, IGNS Ambiguity resolution strategies
0009  07-May-1997  Nestor Zarraoa, D IERS formats
0010  07-May-1997  James Johnson, UN IERS format fix
0011  13-Oct-1997  Stefan Schaer Elevation-dependent observation weighting
0012  23-Oct-1997  T.A. Springer CODE Analysis Changes
0013  17-Oct-1997  Stefan Schaer Menu-supported WGTELV option
0014  24-Oct-1997  Lars Peter Kruse g77-compiler problems
0015  28-Oct-1997  Jim Johnson more on g77-compiler problems
0016  28-Oct-1997  Carine Bruyninx Change in CODEs TRP files
0017  03-Nov-1997  Carine Bruyninx linux problem
0018  03-Nov-1997  James Johnson Re: linux problem - BAD MATH WITH OPTIMIZER
0019  04-Nov-1997  James Johnson New version of GT
0020  19-Nov-1997  John Braun UNAVCO support of Bernese Software
0021  20-Nov-1997  Yuki Hatanaka Bug in UPDPOL
0022  22-Nov-1997  Yuki Hatanaka Bug in UPDPOL (2)
0023  22-Nov-1997  Chris Rocken Use of *.ION Files
0024  15-Dec-1997  Rolf Dach BUG in OBSFMT, FMTOBS, and SERVOBS
0025  09-Mar-1998  Marijke Brondeel COMPAR
0026  23-Mar-1998  Marijke Brondeel LEAP SECONDS
0027  24-Mar-1998  Sonia Costa GNU FORTRAN
0028  16-Jul-1998  Markus Rothacher New IGS ERP Format
0029  20-Jul-1998  Markus Rothacher New ERP Format: SR INPCI4
0030  22-Jul-1998  Jim Johnson POLUPD MODIFICATION BREAKS BUL B
0031  06-Aug-1998  Stefan Schaer Updating POLUPD
0032  01-Sep-1998  Pierre Sauv=E9 LINUX selection list problem
0033  03-Sep-1998  Yannick Peter RE:LINUX selection list problem
0034  03-Sep-1998  James Johnson LINUX selection list problem
0035  04-Sep-1998   Yuki Hata Re: No 34: LINUX selection list problem
0036  04-Sep-1998  Ambrogio M. Manzi Linux and Fortran
0037  07-Sep-1998  Yannick Peter RE: No 36: Linux and Fortran
0038  10-Sep-1998  Markus Rothacher Position vacancy at AIUB
0039  18-Sep-1998  Andreas Wieser Menu system under NT40
0040  21-Sep-1998  Andreas Wieser Re: Menu system under NT 40
0041  21-Sep-1998  Martin Bourassa Re: No 39: Menu system under NT40
0042  26-Sep-1998  Christos Pikridas SIMULATION
0043  28-Sep-1998  Andreas Wieser Re: No 42: SIMULATION
0044  15-Oct-1998  Jaroslaw Bosy Problem with GPSEST on HP-UNIX
0045  15-Oct-1998  Teresa Van Hove re: Problem with GPSEST on HP-UNIX
0046  20-Oct-1998  Pierre Lebellegar Doppler data
0047  21-Oct-1998  urs.wild@lt.admin AW: No 46: Doppler data
0048  30-Oct-1998  Jaroslaw Bosy Ambiguity resolution problem
0049  18-Nov-1998  Peter Bona Bernese keyboard layout problem
0050  19-Nov-1998  Andreas Wieser (Fwd) Re: No 49: Bernese keyboard layout problem
0051  26-Nov-1998  Teresa Van Hove Velocities from ADDNEQ
0052  24-Dec-1998  S. Fankhauser Merry Christmas
0053  14-Jan-1999  Rolf Dach Problems with the simulation program
0054  03-Feb-1999  Georg Weber Missing Modul u_getlk__ in Bernese/LINUX lib
0055  15-Feb-1999  Andreas Wieser S/N values of SNR-8000
0056  19-Feb-1999  Catherine Thibaul SIO Pole File format
0057  08-Mar-1999  W. Gurtner ASRINEXO bug (week 1000)
0058  09-Mar-1999  P.J. Clarke Professorial vacancy
0059  14-Apr-1999  Marcelo Santos function keys under Linux
0060  16-Apr-1999  Andreas Wieser SNR-8000 zero baseline data
0061  16-Apr-1999  Markus Rothacher Position vacancy at AIUB
0062  11-May-1999  Ola =D8vstedal EUREF89 --> ITRF93 --> ITRF96
0063  15-May-1999  James Johnson linux fixes for curses and g77
0064  11-Jun-1999  Mark Greaves Bernese on NT
0065  11-Jun-1999  Andreas Wieser Re: Bernese on NT
0066  15-Jun-1999  Martin Bourassa Re: Bernese on NT
0067  17-Jun-1999  Mark Greaves Re: Bernese on NT
0068  17-Jun-1999  Martin Bourassa Re: Bernese on NT
0069  18-Jun-1999  Mark Greaves Re: Bernese on NT
0070  05-Jul-1999  G. Beutler Job Opportunity at AIUB
0071  02-Aug-1999  Tim Springer and Bernese ITRF-97 coordinate files.
0072  11-Aug-1999  Elena Ostrovsky, ftp:connection refused
0073  19-Aug-1999  Stefan Schaer CODE coordinate files
0074  20-Aug-1999  Stefan Schaer Datum file
0075  03-Sep-1999  Markus Rothacher Change of address
0076  22-Sep-1999  Mark Greaves ORBGEN problems
0077  28-Sep-1999  Georg Weber LINUX & Redhat & Bernese 4.1
0078  07-Oct-1999  Mark Greaves BPE in PC Version of Bernese Software
0079  24-Oct-1999  Elena Ostrovsky, bernese technical support
0080  26-Oct-1999  Rolf Dach SAT_1999.CRX files
0081  24-Nov-1999  Pierre Fridez New Bernese Version 4.2 Announcement
0082  13-Dec-1999  BSW Team Y2K Test Data
0083  14-Dec-1999  Urs Hugentobler DE200 Planetary Ephemerides
0084  15-Dec-1999  BSW Team Updating Panels
0085  16-Dec-1999  BSW Team NAG Compiler and clib v2.1 on Linux
0086  22-Dec-1999  Yannick PETER Antenna offset correction in ADDNEQ
0087  22-Dec-1999  Urs Hugentobler E-Mail of Simon Fankhauser
0088  01-Jan-2000  Stefan Schaer First Y2K bug
0089  03-Jan-2000  BSW Team Another Y2K bug
0090  10-Jan-2000  BSW Team Third Y2K bug
0091  10-Jan-2000  BSW Team Third bug: how to compile
0092  11-Jan-2000  Elmar Brockmann Re: Antenna offset correction in ADDNEQ
0093  14-Jan-2000  Thomas Pany 30 s clock files
0094  18-Jan-2000  P.J. Clarke Reader/Lecturer vacancy
0095  21-Jan-2000  BSW Team Problem Report for PC Version of Bernese
0096  26-Jan-2000  Dudy Darmawan New: Bernese Mail Server
0097  26-Jan-2000  Pierre Fridez BSWMail Netiquette
0098  15-Feb-2000  BSW Team Solaris 7
0099  01-Mar-2000  BSW Team Ambiguity Resolution
0100  01-Mar-2000  BSW Team Bug in UPHEAD
0101  10-Mar-2000  Stefan Schaer CODE clock files
0102  13-Mar-2000  Pierre Fridez Resend of BSWMAIL 101: CODE Clock files
0103  15-Mar-2000  BSWteam Error-fix reading RINEX files
0104  13-Apr-2000  Lotti Jivall Bern 42 under WinNT
0105  10-May-2000  Simone Klber (Kein Betreff)
0106  11-May-2000  Mark Greaves ORBGEN Results
0107  11-May-2000  Tim Springer ORBGEN with IGS ERP-file
0108  24-May-2000  Thomas Pany RINEX clock files
0109  08-Jun-2000  Stefan Schaer CODE ftp archive changes
0110  08-Jun-2000  Stefan Schaer IGS97 datum
0111  14-Jun-2000  CODE AC Team CODE Rapid Clocks
0112  20-Jun-2000  BSW Team CODE switched to Unix
0113  26-Jun-2000  Urs Hugentobler CODE products
0114  11-Jul-2000  BSW Team New directory structure on aftp
0115  22-Aug-2000  Mark Greaves Program COOVEL and BPE
0116  22-Aug-2000  Tim Springer Re: No 115: Program COOVEL and BPE
0117  23-Aug-2000  Elmar Brockmann Re [2] to No 115: Program COOVEL and BPE
0118  29-Aug-2000  Stefan Schaer CODE TRP files
0119  01-Sep-2000  Stefan Schaer DRY_NIELL
0120  14-Sep-2000  BSW team Draft Documentation for Version 4.2 available!
0121  18-Sep-2000  Urs Hugentobler Position vacancy at AIUB
0122  26-Sep-2000  BSWteam Wrong file content in COD10797.ERP
0123  05-Oct-2000  Stefan Schaer COR TRP files
0124  31-Oct-2000  Stefan Schaer NIELL_SOURCE complemented
0125  11-Jan-2001  BSWteam Bernese and Windows Me, supported MS-Windows systems, Compiler issues
0126  06-Apr-2001  BSWteam Error fix Browsing Residualfiles (REDISP_P)
0127  19-Apr-2001  BSWTeam Version 42 documentation available
0128  06-Jun-2001  BSWteam Printed Version 4.2 documentation available
0129  28-Jun-2001  BSW Team Solution epoch in ADDNEQ
0130  03-Jul-2001  BSWteam Problems accessing AIUB's anonymous ftp
0131  13-Jul-2001  BSW Team Bad C04 and Bullet_A on aftp
0132  23-Jul-2001  BSW Team Bug in GETNEQ
0133  10-Aug-2001  Stefan Schaer COD final TRP product
0134  10-Aug-2001  Stefan Schaer Automatic service for computing BLQ tables
0135  10-Aug-2001  Stefan Schaer Changed CODE ION files
0136  14-Sep-2001  Michael Meindl Automatic service for computing BLQ tables (additional information)
0137  07-Nov-2001  Rolf Dach RINEX translation tables
0138  16-Nov-2001  Stefan Schaer TRPSAV
0139  04-Dec-2001  Stefan Schaer Excluding GLONASS data in RXOBV3 step
0140  04-Dec-2001  Stefan Schaer PHAS_IGS.01
0141  18-Dec-2001  Stefan Schaer IGS_00 CRD and VEL files
0142  04-Jan-2002  Stefan Schaer CODE SAT_yyyy.CRX files
0143  21-Feb-2002  BSWteam Access to anonymous ftp account at aiub
0144  02-Apr-2002  Stefan Schaer CODE ION model improvement
0145  09-Apr-2002  BSWteam File download from aiub using browser with http protocol (PC users)
0146  13-Aug-2002  Lotti Jivall Bernese 4.2 BPE on Windows XP
0147  03-Sep-2002  BSW Team aftp server at aiub
0148  10-Sep-2002  BSWteam f90 compiler for Linux
0149  30-Sep-2002  BSW Team aftp server at aiub
0150  10-Oct-2002  Jaroslaw Bosy ADDNEQ and velocities
0151  10-Oct-2002  BSW Team ADDNEQ2 V4.2
0152  14-Nov-2002  BSW Team New Precise Orbit File Format
0153  14-Nov-2002  Stefan Schaer CODE ionosphere product change
0154  02-Dec-2002  Guenter Stangl New_GIM_problems
0155  10-Dec-2002  BSW Team SW Problem Reports
0156  19-Dec-2002  Jaroslaw Bosy Fwd: EUREF symposium 2003
0157  31-Jan-2003  Mark Greaves CCRINEXO and BPE
0158  13-Feb-2003  Stefan Schaer Re: CCRINEXO and BPE
0159  14-Feb-2003  Stefan Schaer Availability of CODE rapid orbit/clock products
0160  19-Feb-2003  BSW Team AIUB server down on 20. Feb
0161  26-Feb-2003  Stefan Schaer IGS_mmyy.CRD files
0162  19-Mar-2003  Rolf Dach IFC-problem with RNXSMT
0163  02-May-2003  Stefan Schaer GPS_yyyy.CRX for exclusion of GLONASS
0164  14-Oct-2003  BSW Team MAXSAT problem
0165  14-Oct-2003  BSW Team Problem "modifying constant"
0166  15-Oct-2003  Ta-Kang Yeh About dtetcting cycle slips
0167  15-Oct-2003  Heike Bock, BSW T Re: About detecting cycle slips
0168  16-Oct-2003  BSW Team Number of observation types in RINEX
0169  20-Oct-2003  Masoud M. Hossain Binary to ascii
0170  20-Oct-2003  Martin Bourassa Re: No 169: Binary to ascii
0171  21-Oct-2003  Masoud M. Hossain Re: No 170: Re: No 169: Binary to ascii
0172  31-Oct-2003  Yevgen Zanimonski chi-square
0173  06-Nov-2003  Paul Alves 2.7.1 Transfer: RINEX OBS. to BERNESE
0174  07-Nov-2003  BSWteam Re:2.7.1 Transfer: RINEX OBS. to BERNESE
0175  08-Nov-2003  Ta-Kang Yeh How to detect cycle slips in CHAMP data?
0176  19-Nov-2003  The BSW Team Re: No 175: How to detect cycle slips in CHAMP data?
0177  25-Nov-2003  BSW Team Re: No 169: Binary to ascii
0178  25-Nov-2003  BSW Team Tests of new BSW version
0179  27-Nov-2003  Masoud M. Hossain RESRMS
0180  06-Jan-2004  Urs Hugentobler IGS WS: Splinter Meeting for BSW Users
0181  07-Jan-2004  Stefan Schaer GPS satellite repositionings
0182  27-Feb-2004  Bruno Garayt (IGN Installing Bernese 4.2 on Debian GNU/LINUX with Fortran Lahey 95
0183  31-Mar-2004  Peter Clarke Vacancy: Research Associate in GPS geodesy
0184  02-Apr-2004  Mike Craymer (NRC Bernese Version 5
0185  05-Apr-2004  Urs Hugentobler Re: No 184: Bernese Version 5
0186  06-Apr-2004  CODE AC Team CODE high rate clocks
0187  13-Apr-2004  Pierre Fridez New Bernese Version 5.0 Announcement
0188  02-Jun-2004  BSW-Team Difficulties with SAT.CRX-File & MAUPRP
0189  12-Jul-2004  BSW Team Bernese GPS Software Version 5.0 Issues
0190  15-Jul-2004  Urs Hugentobler Error in computation of tides
0191  21-Sep-2004  BSW Team Bug fixes
0192  30-Sep-2004  Stefan Schaer
0193  30-Sep-2004  Stefan Schaer Discontinuation of AIUB BLQ computation service
0194  13-Oct-2004  Urs Hugentobler Bug in velocity estimation
0195  22-Dec-2004  Bernese Team 2005
0196  15-Feb-2005  Urs Hugentobler Bug in velocity constraining
0197  24-Apr-2005  Urs Hugentobler Position vacancy at AIUB
0198  07-Jun-2005  John Beavan, GNS PCFs and scripts for hourly ZD estimation
0199  07-Jun-2005  Jan Dousa Re: No 198: PCFs and scripts for hourly ZD estimation
0200  23-Jun-2005  Stefan Schaer COD13285.EPH_R rapid orbit file replaced
0201  11-Jul-2005  CODE Analysis Tea Computer Maintenance at CODE AC
0202  03-Aug-2005  Christian Ahrer Nutation models and pretab
0203  03-Aug-2005  BSW Team Re: No 202: Nutation models and pretab
0204  18-Aug-2005  BSW Team Planned changes to IGS antenna PCV calibrations
0205  26-Aug-2005  CODE Analysis Tea Computer Network Maintenance at CODE AC
0206  11-Nov-2005  BSWteam Keeping Bernese up-to-date
0207  16-Nov-2005  Stefan Schaer IGS00/IGb00/ITRF2000 CRD/VEL/FIX files
0208  18-Nov-2005  Stefan Schaer Changed SATELLIT. file
0209  10-Jan-2006  Teresa Van Hove How to select from list of possible files for B50 BPE's
0210  20-Jan-2006  Urs Hugentobler Position vacancy at AIUB
0211  07-Feb-2006  Mark Greaves Advice on installing QT
0212  16-Feb-2006  Urs Hugentobler Reminder: Position vacancy at AIUB
0213  23-Feb-2006  Alberto S=E1nchez PPP problem
0214  28-Feb-2006  BSW Team Re: No 213: PPP problem
0215  10-Mar-2006  BSWteam Updating Bernese Version 5.0
0216  10-Mar-2006  BSW Team New V5.0 update available
0217  10-Mar-2006  BSW Team Re 0209: How to select from list of possible files for B50 BPE's
0218  10-Mar-2006  BSW Team Handling of L2C data
0219  11-Mar-2006  CODE Team Network maintenance at University of Bern
0220  21-Mar-2006  Urs Hugentobler Position vacancy at AIUB
0221  04-May-2006  BSWteam Update concerning ANTEX converter
0222  05-Jul-2006  BSW Team ANTEX v1.3 converter and software update
0223  31-Aug-2006  Urs Hugentobler Rolf Dach new Head of AIUB's GPS Group
0224  01-Sep-2006  Bernese learner SUN Studio 11 Complier for Bernese UNIX ?
0225  02-Sep-2006  Manuele Pesenti Re: No 224: SUN Studio 11 Complier for Bernese UNIX ?
0226  30-Oct-2006  BSWteam End of Support for Version 4.2
0227  31-Oct-2006  Rolf Dach New contact person for BSW user requests: Peter Walser
0228  02-Nov-2006  BSWteam OS and Compiler Support UNIX/Linux
0229  08-Nov-2006  BSW Team Model changes at CODE
0230  21-Nov-2006  Stefan Schaer IGS05/ITRF2005 CRD/VEL/FIX files
0231  22-Nov-2006  Manuele Pesenti compiling bernese
0232  23-Nov-2006  Manuele Pesenti Re: No 231: compiling bernese
0233  20-Dec-2006  BSW Team New release 15-Dec-2006 of the Bernese GPS Software, Version 5.0
0234  21-Dec-2006  BSW Team Release from 27-Jun-2006
0235  24-Dec-2006  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0236  10-Jan-2007  Stefan Schaer, Ro Consideration of individual antenna calibrations
0237  02-Feb-2007  BSW team BSW V5.0 user manual ready to print
0238  08-Feb-2007  BSW team Problem with BSW mail solved
0239  09-Feb-2007  Manuele Pesenti Re: No 238: Problem with BSW mail solved
0240  15-Feb-2007  Mark Greaves Non interactive BPE help please
0241  19-Mar-2007  Miltiades Chatzin Question regarding correlation strategy for the final solution
0242  20-Mar-2007  BSW team Re: No 241: Question regarding correlation strategy for the final
0243  22-Mar-2007  Rolf Dach Re: Fw: error messages relating to COVMODE variable/keyword
0244  29-Mar-2007  BSW team QT on UNIX with recent g++ compiler
0245  05-Apr-2007  Manuele Pesenti Re: Error reading file IAU2000.NUT
0246  06-Apr-2007  BSW team Bernese installation on Windows Vista
0247  09-Apr-2007  Teresa Van Hove COD1422d.ION_P files missing
0248  16-May-2007  BSW team Maximum number of satellites
0249  23-May-2007  BSW team Reading of RINEX 3.0 observation files
0250  28-Jun-2007  Rolf Dach Position vacancy at AIUB
0251  17-Jul-2007  Tim Flohrer Vacancy at AIUB's Optical Astronomy Group
0252  20-Jul-2007  Peter Clarke Two vacancies at Newcastle University
0253  20-Jul-2007  BSW team Fictitious release "15-Nov-2006" detected
0254  16-Aug-2007  BSW team DE200.EPH file modification
0255  02-Oct-2007  Rolf Dach Two vacancies at AIUB
0256  22-Nov-2007  Stefan Schaer Updated RECEIVER. file
0257  04-Dec-2007  BSWteam New release 29-Nov-2007 for Bernese Version 5.0 available
0258  24-Dec-2007  BSW team Season's Greetings
0259  18-Jan-2008  BSWteam Update website out of service
0260  11-Feb-2008  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0261  03-Mar-2008  BSW team RESCHK for 47 satellites
0262  03-Mar-2008  BSW team Satellite problem file has been changed
0263  13-Mar-2008  BSWteam VAX ftp download server at AIUB
0264  19-Mar-2008  BSWteam New ftp download server at AIUB
0265  29-May-2008  Rolf Dach New CODE 5-sec clock data in Bernese 5.0
0266  30-May-2008  BSWteam End of support of aftp support for Version 4.2
0267  11-Jun-2008  BSWteam New release 30-May-2008 for Bernese Version 5.0 available
0268  12-Jun-2008  BSWteam Bernese course announcement
0269  20-Aug-2008  Peter Walser Problem with current release of Perl
0270  12-Sep-2008  Peter Walser Re: BSWMAIL No. 0269: Problem with current release of Perl (fwd)
0271  26-Sep-2008  BSWteam Number of satellites
0272  12-Dec-2008  BSWteam Adjustment leap second
0273  24-Dec-2008  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0274  10-Feb-2009  Peter Walser Windows update gives empty help page in Bernese
0275  11-Feb-2009  BSWTeam BPE does not work after Windows XP update
0276  16-Mar-2009  Rolf Dach GLONASS frequency change
0277  19-Mar-2009  BSWteam AIUB's anonymous ftp (aftp) down
0278  20-Mar-2009  BSW Team AIUB's anonymous ftp server (aftp) is online again
0279  07-May-2009  BSWteam Bernese course announcement
0280  20-May-2009  BSWteam New release 15-May-2009 for Bernese Version 5.0 available
0281  28-May-2009  Rolf Dach FTP-Server down
0282  28-May-2009  Rolf Dach FTP server is working again
0283  09-Jun-2009  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0284  09-Jul-2009  BSWteam New release 02-Jul-2009 available for Bernese Version 5.0
0285  16-Jul-2009  BSWteam New update script available
0286  16-Jul-2009  Rolf Dach [Fwd: [IGSMAIL-5970]: z-offset update for R23/R714 planned at the beginning of GPS week 1542]
0287  30-Jul-2009  BSWteam Corrupted file in release "02-Jul-2009" detected
0288  30-Oct-2009  BSW Team Bernese Software user support
0289  08-Dec-2009  Mark Greaves Optimal settings for SIGMA ambiguity resolution strategy
0290  08-Dec-2009  Daniela Thaller No update of ftp site at AIUB
0291  19-Dec-2009  Rolf Dach CODE AC is back
0292  24-Dec-2009  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0293  06-Jan-2010  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0294  25-Feb-2010  BSWteam New release 18-Feb-2010 available for Bernese Version 5.0
0295  26-Mar-2010  BSW team Subject: Bernese installation on Windows 7
0296  24-Dec-2010  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0297  14-Apr-2011  Stefan Schaer, Mi IGS08/ITRF2008 CRD/VEL/FIX files and I08.ATX
0298  24-May-2011  BSWteam New release 11-May-2011 available for Bernese Version 5.0
0299  06-Jun-2011  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0300  07-Nov-2011  BSW team Satellite information files at our ftp-server
0301  19-Dec-2011  BSW team Satellite information file
0302  24-Dec-2011  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0303  30-Apr-2012  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0304  09-May-2012  BSWteam New release 20-Apr-2012 available for Bernese Version 5.0
0305  30-May-2012  CODE AC Team Products from the CODE reprocessing series 2011
0306  28-Jun-2012  BSW team Adjustment leap second
0307  16-Jul-2012  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0308  06-Aug-2012  BSWteam Bernese GNSS Software training course
0309  10-Oct-2012  Stefan Schaer IGb08 CRD/VEL/FIX files
0310  18-Dec-2012  BSWteam Release of the new Bernese Version 5.2
0311  24-Dec-2012  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0312  23-Jan-2013  BSWteam Bernese course announcement
0313  12-Feb-2013  BSWteam Tutorial update Bernese Version 5.2
0314  09-Apr-2013  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0315  19-Apr-2013  Rolf Dach Scheduled outage of the ftp server in Bern
0316  02-Jul-2013  BSWteam New documents describing differences of the Bernese version 5.2
0317  23-Jul-2013  BSWteam New release 2013-07-18 available for Bernese Version 5.2
0318  13-Aug-2013  CODE Team Moving Linux-Cluster
0319  25-Sep-2013  Rolf Dach Accuracy codes updated in CODE precise orbit files
0320  16-Oct-2013  Rolf Dach Satellite information files for BSWUSER50
0321  03-Dec-2013  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0322  24-Dec-2013  Rolf Dach Christmas Greetings
0323  04-Mar-2014  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0324  04-Apr-2014  CODE AC Team Products from the CODE reprocessing series 2013
0325  29-May-2014  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0326  03-Sep-2014  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0327  11-Sep-2014  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0328  15-Oct-2014  Stefan Schaer I01 PCV files no longer maintained
0329  16-Oct-2014  BSWteam End of support of aftp support for Version 5.0
0330  07-Nov-2014  Stefan Schaer CODE GIM products with 1-hour resolution
0331  18-Dec-2014  Chris Pikridas FODITS and BPE
0332  24-Dec-2014  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0333  07-Jan-2015  BSWteam Bernese course announcement
0334  16-Jan-2015  CODE Analysis Cen Extending the CODE orbit model
0335  13-Feb-2015  Rolf Dach Consistency with CODE orbit modeling for BSW user with version 5.2
0336  13-Feb-2015  BSWteam New release 2015-02-05 available for Bernese Version 5.2
0337  14-Feb-2015  Rolf Dach Open PhD position at AIUB for SLR data analysis
0338  02-Mar-2015  Rolf Dach Position vacancy at AIUB
0339  06-Mar-2015  BSWteam Bug when interpolating VMF1 coefficients
0340  02-Apr-2015  Rolf Dach Reminder: Position vacancy at AIUB
0341  13-Jun-2015  BSW team Adjustment leap second
0342  19-Jun-2015  BSWteam Bernese GNSS Software training course
0343  30-Jul-2015  Paula Gentle GNSS Processing Vacancy at Land Information New Zealand
0344  09-Nov-2015  BSWteam Bernese Training Course January 2016
0345  22-Dec-2015  BSWteam User Manual for Version 5.2
0346  23-Dec-2015  Rolf Dach New contact person for BSW user requests
0347  24-Dec-2015  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0348  10-Mar-2016  BSWteam download via http
0349  14-Mar-2016  Pierre Fridez Bernese Training Course Announcement
0350  16-Mar-2016  Pierre Fridez Download via http works again
0351  24-Mar-2016  Stefan Schaer Renaming of two GLONASS-M satellites
0352  15-Apr-2016  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0353  19-May-2016  BSW team ITRF2014 support for Bernese GNSS Software, Version 5.2
0354  27-Jul-2016  Dmitry Sidorov Satellite attitude modelling in CODE products and consistency with BSW ,version 5.2
0355  27-Oct-2016  Rolf Dach Transition to ITRF2014 via IGS14
0356  03-Nov-2016  BSW team Adjustment leap second
0357  24-Nov-2016  BSWteam Power Outage at AIUB
0358  22-Dec-2016  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0359  24-Dec-2016  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0360  27-Dec-2016  BSWteam New BSW Release 2016-12-16
0361  03-Feb-2017  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0362  10-Apr-2017  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0363  21-Jul-2017  Bernese Software Change of the CODE-FTP server address
0364  20-Sep-2017  Bernese Software BSW team: New release 2017-08-28 available for Bernese Version 5.2
0365  29-Sep-2017  Bernese Software Reminder: Change of the CODE-FTP server address
0366  05-Oct-2017  A. Susnik Release of CODE reprocessing series - REPRO 15
0367  24-Oct-2017  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0368  24-Dec-2017  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0369  14-Dec-2018  Pierre Fridez Open positions at AIUB
0370  24-Dec-2018  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0371  09-Jan-2019  Pierre Fridez New GPS Satellite Block IIIA (PRN 04)
0372  14-May-2019  Jochem Lesparre J. Lesparre: Open position at Kadastre, The Netherlands
0373  15-Jul-2019  Rolf Dach Open positions at AIUB
0374  04-Aug-2019  Adrian Jggi Open positions at AIUB
0375  28-Aug-2019  Daniel Arnold Open Position at AIUB for PhD candidate
0376  17-Sep-2019  CODE analysis cen Maintenance of computer system at the University of Bern
0377  19-Sep-2019  Rolf Dach Open position at AIUB
0378  23-Sep-2019  CODE AC team Announcement CODE IGS RAPID/ULTRA products including Galileo
0379  29-Oct-2019  BSW team Updated Files for B_99
0380  15-Nov-2019  BSW Team Updates SAT_yyyy.CRX files and GPSEST error from QITPOL
0381  24-Dec-2019  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0382  16-Jan-2020  BSW Team Error message from SR JEPEPH
0383  14-Feb-2020  BSW team New maintenace release 2020-02-11 available for Version 5.2
0384  16-Apr-2020  BSW team Survey concerning the example BPEs
0385  13-May-2020  Stefan Schaer IGb14 CRD/VEL/PSD/FIX files
0386  15-May-2020  Pierre Fridez and IGb14 - additional remarks
0387  16-Dec-2020  BSWteam Bernese course announcement
0388  24-Dec-2020  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0389  02-Mar-2021  CODE AC Team Release of CODE Repro3 series - REPRO 2020
0390  25-Dec-2021  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0391  15-Jun-2022  BSWteam Bernese software course announcement
0392  28-Sep-2022  BSWteam Release of the new Bernese Version 5.4
0393  02-Nov-2022  CODE AC team Switch to ITRF2020/IGS20
0394  17-Nov-2022  Rolf Dach Open position at the AIUB to support our CODE AC team
0395  24-Dec-2022  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0396  11-Jan-2023  BSW team Bernese V5.4 training course January 30 - February 03, 2023
0397  09-May-2023  BSWteam Bernese GNSS Software V5.4 training course announcement Sept. 2023
0398  29-Sep-2023  Rolf Dach Bernese Website is back
0399  06-Oct-2023  BSW team Bernese GNSS Software V5.4 training course announcement January 2024
0400  09-Oct-2023  BSWteam Bug fix B_17 Bernese Version 5.4
0401  17-Oct-2023  CODE AC team Updating the REPRO_2020 products
0402  20-Dec-2023  Rolf Dach Open position at the AIUB to support our CODE AC team
0403  22-Dec-2023  Rolf Dach Open VLBI-related Position at AIUB, Bern, Switzerland
0404  24-Dec-2023  BSW team Christmas Greetings
0405  11-Jan-2024  Rolf Dach AIUB-AFTP is inactive
0406  12-Jan-2024  Rolf Dach AIUB-AFTP is accessible again
0407  12-Apr-2024  BSW team Bernese GNSS Software V5.4 training course announcement September 2024