Release date: 2021-03-27

This is the list of bug fixes and improvements found after publication of this release. In order to apply these changes, you should bring your current release to this release date level (check menu-Help-About for your current release date). If your current release is older, update your release following the UPDATE procedure before applying these changes. These changes will be included in a next release.

To implement these changes, you need a Fortran compiler (specified in the environment variable "F_VERS") and the Make utility. To ensure that the Makefile containing all dependencies of the source files is up-to-date you should run '$X/EXE/ -r $C' ('perl %X%\EXE\ -r %C%' on Windows) previously. A detailed description for the compilation can be found on the INSTALL.TXT file on the distribution or in your $X/DOC (%X%\DOC on Windows) directory.

If you run into a problem, please contact us.

B_106: Improvement

Date: 15-Apr-2021

Description: When processing data from STONEX receivers, an error during ambiguity resolution may occur, indicating that the receiver could not be assigned to a receiver group (SR ARSTR3).

Affected platforms: All platforms

Correction: Download the modified routine ARSTR3.f to the library directory $LG (%LG% on windows) and compile GPSEST using 'CBERN GPSEST' ('perl %X%\EXE\ ARSTR3' on Windows).

Download to $LG (%LG%): ARSTR3.f

B_107: Bug

Date: 21-Aug-2021

Description: Possible loss of sign of clock corrections when reading version 3 Clock-Rinex files. Thanks to Dr. Jan Dousa (Pecny Geodetic Observatory, Czech Republic) for reporting this problem.

Affected platforms: All platforms

Remarks: Only concerns Clock Rinex Version 3 files.

Correction: Download the modified version of RDCRXR.f90 to library directory $LG (%LG% on Windows) and compile the program RNXCLK using 'CBERN RNXCLK' ('perl %X%\EXE\ RNXCLK on Windows).

Download to $LG (%LG%): RDCRXR.f90


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