Release date: 2020-02-11

Below is the list of all bug fixes and improvements for this release. More recent releases contain these (and earlier) changes.

The update file containing all these fixes is available for Unix/Linux and for Windows. You will need a username and a password to access these files. Please use the update procedure to obtain the access information.

Executables for Windows systems are only available for the latest release.

If you run into a problem, please contact us.

B_101: Improvement

Date: 02-Mar-2020

Description: Program RNXSMT: dimension of the number of epochs is not checked (program may crash if value in panel RNXSMT 2.1, maximum number of records in a RINEX file, is too small).

Affected platforms: All platforms

Correction: Download the modified version of GETRNX.f to the library directory $LG (%LG% on Windows) and compile it using 'CBERN RNXSMT' ('perl %X%\EXE\ RNXSMT' on Windows).

B_102: Bug

Date: 25-Mar-2020

Description: Smoothed Rinex V3 headers contain twice the receiver type instead of receiver number and receiver type. This occurs in case of alphanumeric receiver numbers.

Affected platforms: All platforms

Correction: Download the corrected routine R2RDOH.f to the library directory $LG (%LG% on windows) and recompile the program RNXSMT using 'CBERN RNXSMT' ('perl %X%\EXE\ RNXSMT' on windows).


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