Release date: 2016-12-16

Earlier bug fixes have already been applied in the previous release.

Below is the list of all bug fixes and improvements for this release.

The update file containing all these fixes is available for Unix/Linux and for Windows. You will need a username and a password to access these files. Please use the update procedure to obtain the access information.

Executables for Windows systems are only available for the latest release.

If you run into a problem, please contact us.

B_73: Improvement

Date: 16-Jan-2017

Description: The warning message regarding the consistency of the datum string in the two coordinate files may be misleading when PSD corrections are applied.

B_74: Bug

Date: 05-Feb-2017

Description: The header record "GLONASS COD/PHA/BIA#" in RINEX3 observation files is not correctly identified.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_75: Bug

Date: 05-Feb-2017

Description: If more than two frequencies are given for GPS in the phase eccenter file (e.g., from Chamber calibrations), no PCVs are applied for the second frequency (at least is some cases). If this happen you will see a significant influence on the station coordinates.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_076: Bug

Date: 10-Feb-2017

Description: The latest C04 pole files from IERS refer to ITRF2014 reference frame what is indicated in the header accordingly. The format detection in the Bernese GNSS Software has to be adapted to accept this new header string.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_077: Improvement

Date: 13-Feb-2017

Description: Allow for SP3d input files; check the format limitations regarding SP3c when writing precise orbit files.

Affected platforms: All platforms

Remarks: Please check the format descriptions for differences:

B_079: Bug

Date: 21-Feb-2017

Description: Satellite PCO/PCV could get lost when converting ANTEX-files to Bernese PCV format.

Affected platforms: All platforms

Remarks: We are grateful to Tomasz Liwosz from Warsaw University of Technology for pointing us to this problem and suggesting a solution.

B_080: Bug

Date: 20-Apr-2017

Description: The listing of satellites in the program STDDIF is limited to 60, which is extended now.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_81: Bug

Date: 15-Jun-2017

Description: If "97" is used in "SATELLITE-SPECIFIC PARAMETER SETUP" of "GPSEST 6.3.2: Satellite Orbit Determination 2", the shadow entry/exit times may occasionally be incorrect, leading to setting the stochastic pulses at wrong epochs. STDELE may incorrectly put the "E" flags indicating eclipsing satellites in its output.

Affected platforms: Unix/Linux/MacOS

B_82: Bug

Date: 05-Jul-2017

Description: Segmentation fault caused in program CPFSP3 on Debian linux 64-bit (4.9.2-10) compiled with gfortran (gcc 4.9.2). We thank Dr. Luciano Mendoza from the National University of La Plata, Argentina, for reporting this bug and suggesting a correction.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_83: Bug

Date: 24-Jul-2017

Description: Program CODSPP may fail while writing the satellite-specific statistics into the program output file. This only happens when a satellite system is "left out" (e.g., processing of GPS+Galileo, with GLONASS satellites in between left out or missing).

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_84: Improvement

Date: 16-Aug-2017

Description: Check the datum string for the coordinate/velocity files when importing SINEX files.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_085: Bug

Date: 18-Aug-2017

Description: If GPS+GLONASS+Galileo are processed together and in panel "GPSEST Extended Program Output Options" the "Satellite elevations" is selected the program will crash.

Affected platforms: All platforms

Remarks: We are grateful to Peter Franke from BKG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany for pointing us to this problem

B_86: Improvement

Date: 28-Aug-2017

Description: The DCB settings are checked and adjusted if Galileo observations are processed.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_87: Improvement

Date: 28-Aug-2017

Description: Only satellites with entries in the satellite information file are considered from the TAB/PRE files.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_88: Bug

Date: 21-Sep-2017

Description: Observations were skipped, if a Rinex epoch contained data of more than 40 satellites (Warning message from SR R2RDOR).

Affected platforms: All platforms

Remarks: We thank Mr. Salim Masoum from Geoscience Australia for reporting this problem and proposing a work-around.


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