Release date: 2016-01-08

Earlier bug fixes have already been applied in the previous release.

Below is the list of all available bug fixes and improvements for this release.

To activate those changes, you need a Fortran compiler (specified with the environment variable "F_VERS") and the Make utiltiy. To ensure that the Makefile containing all dependencies of the source files is up-to-date you should run '$X/EXE/ -r $C' ('perl %X%\EXE\ -r %C%' on Windows) previously.
A detailed description for the compilation can be found on the INSTALL.TXT file on the distribution CD-ROM or on your $X/DOC (%X%\DOC on Windows) directory.

If you run into a problem, please contact us.

B_066: Bug

Date: 07-Jan-2016

Description: RNXSMT stops with an error if the RINEX3 file contains an event 4 section.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_067: Bug

Date: 18-Jan-2016

Description: Wrong ERP transformation when comparing orbits in the Earth fixed frame (Option "Use pole file accompanying the standard orbit" activated).

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_068: Improvement

Date: 12-May-2016

Description: Allow for more than 1000 stations

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_069: Improvement

Date: 19-May-2016

Description: Decrease default sigma for the no-scale-change condition in the minimum constrained solution (YES for scale in panel ADDNEQ2 5 Datum definitzion for station coordinates/velocities).

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_070: Bug

Date: 19-May-2016

Description: The minimum or maximum residual in the program output may be zero instead of the correct value in some cases.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_71: Bug

Date: 11-Nov-2016

Description: Bugfix concerning RINEX 3 entries of in Bernese 5.2 not supportet GNSS systems

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_72: Bug

Date: 29-Nov-2016

Description: When extracting Bernese from IERS pol information the first epoch might be reported twice in the resulting ERP file. If the pole information is not continuous between consecutive days this may cause a degradation of the orbit fit.

Affected platforms: All platforms


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