Release date: 2015-02-05

Earlier bug fixes have already been applied in the previous release.

Below is the list of all bug fixes and improvements for this release before the next release was created.

The update file containing all these fixes is available for Unix/Linux and for Windows. You will need a username and a password to access these files. Please use the update procedure to obtain the access information.

Executables for Windows systems are only available for the latest release.

If you run into a problem, please contact us.

B_050: Improvement

Date: 26-Feb-2015

Description: Use a new IGRF-release to compute the HOI corrections.

Affected platforms: All platforms

B_051: Improvement

Date: 02-Mar-2015

Description: The date of calibration is taken from the ANTEX into the Bernese PCV file to allow an update procedure with the most recent calibration. With this improvement, the routine for reading ANTEX files stops if no date is given. At the same time, the specification of the calibration method is checked.

Affected platforms: All platforms

Remarks: We are grateful to Christina Kempe from Lantm´┐Żteriet, Sweden, to detect this potential issue.

B_052: Bug

Date: 06-Mar-2015

Description: The selection of grid cells may accept the neighboring cell if two stations are closer than half of the cell width in north south direction. A detailed description to the corresponding correction is given in BSW mail 339

Affected platforms: All platforms

Remarks: We thank our colleagues from swisstopo to identify and solve this problem with their dense national network.

B_053: Bug

Date: 09-Mar-2015

Description: There may appear fractionals of microseconds in the epochs of SP3 files that result from the number of available digits in Fortran real numbers.

Affected platforms: All platforms


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