Products from the CODE processing

  • Change of the FTP address:

    The URL of our FTP server has changed from to The old URL is no longer active. Please adapt your scripts if needed.

    If you do not use FTP to download our products you can still use

  • AIUB_AFTP.TXT: Description of the structure and content of the AIUB's download area
  • BSWUSER52: Products in Bernese formatted files
    • ATM: Troposphere and ionosphere files
    • GEN: General files
    • ORB: ERP, DCB and satellite clock files
    • STA: Reference frame files (CRD, VEL, and FIX) and coordinate solutions
  • CODE: Products in internationally formatted files
    containing CODE final, rapid, and ultra-rapid products for the IGS
    (GPS and GLONASS orbits, ERPs, daily clock RINEX files, daily troposphere SINEX and IONEX files, daily and weekly coordinate solutions, as well as DCB-files)

Referencing the CODE products

Various documents to download

  • User manual (20.1 MB) for the Bernese GNSS Software, Version 5.2 (November 2015)
  • Course Tutorial (12.2 MB) for the current version of the Bernese GNSS Software
    • Step by step guide for interactive processing of the example data during the Bernese Training Course
  • Documentation of updates of Bernese GNSS Software, Version 5.2 (July 2013):

Data for the processing examples

We recommend to distingish three areas for the data processing, with the general dataflow:
The processing example is organized accordingly, with the underlying idea that the data is first downloaded and archived in the DATAPOOL area. Then the data is copied to the CAMPAIGN area for processing. Finally, the result files are saved into the SAVEDISK area.
Therefore, you will find three compressed tar archives to be installed in order to run the processing examples:
  • DATAPOOL.tgz
    This archive contains the (raw) data for the processing examples organized in various sub-directories.
  • CAMPAIGN52.tgz
    This archive contains the (empty) campaign directory tree for the EXAMPLE campaign.
  • SAVEDISK.tgz
    This archive contains a set of reference results files (indicated by _REF) in various directories corresponding to the example BPEs.
Note that the _REF files may change from one release of the software to the next. The files available for download refer to the Bernese GNSS Software Version 5.2 with the release date of "2020-08-27".

Installation procedure on Windows platforms:
  • Download the archives into the directory %X%\DOC
  • Extract the archives directly to the dedicated areas using, e.g., the program 7-Zip
    • CAMPAIGN52.tgz to %P%
    • DATAPOOL.tgz   to %D%
    • SAVEDISK.tgz   to %S%

Installation procedure on Unix/Linux and Mac platforms:
  • Download the archives into the directory $X/DOC
  • Change into the dedicated areas
    • for CAMPAIGN52.tgz to $P
    • for DATAPOOL.tgz   to $D
    • for SAVEDISK.tgz   to $S
  • Extract the archives using, e.g., the command
    gzip -dc CAMPAIGN52.tgz | tar -xvf -

External tools

There are different external tools needed or recommended to be used together with the Bernese GNSS Software.

Component Unix/Linux+Mac Windows
Fortran, C++, make from your operating system provider or from an alternative source not needed, executables delivered
Qt 4 library not needed, executables delivered
Perl from your operating system provider
UNIX-compress from your operating system provider not needed
gzip from your operating system provider
Extract a ZIP archive not needed extract a zip-archive from the command line; for instance
wget from your operating system provider wget from
JPL ephemeris files
RINEX Hatanaka compression
Ocean tide loading provider
S1/S2 atmospheric tide loading calculator



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